I want to thank the person that created coffee. My mornings are peaceful – well in my mind they are. But to the outside world they must be quite the opposite. I wake up to a horrific high pitched beep because steve has the music alarm that goes off at the ungodly hour of 545am So when I wake at 715 the dogs know I must do “my business” first. then its a mad rush down the stairs to the office barn door. Okay now its everyone IN and nobody OUT. Of course there are those that are not permitted to sleep in the bedroom so now all of us are in the office and its a mad rush to the sliding door as its time….time to go outside into the dogrun….do frolick and do business.

Sunday – she is so sweet a geriatric Golden retriever – Her hair is not growing back from where they did the radiation treatment in guelph for her bone cancer. But its not bright pink anymore. we had her groomed recently. Her parents are in Italy and then to their home in Pakistan for a family wedding.

Luella – yes she is a poodle…what else could she be with that name. Although I love calling it out long and drawled its just such a funny name. And she has this really cool rastalike haircut big bushy floppy chocolate coloured head and body and quite the lady. Yet finding her in my office chair on a regular basis is quite disconcerting as she truly looks like she is surf the net at times.

Alfie – Now he is my prize pug and NO his snoring did not keep me up last night I was so exhausted from superbowl weekend. His dad dropped him off last night after Em and I got home from Dance. Alfie was here when he was just a pup and we had just brought home cisco junior – OMG she was smaller than he was and now she just towers over him being a lab/sheppard +++ cross. He still bosses her around and she lets him. But if he tries to pee on her one more time I am going to absolutely kill him.

So back to my coffee. They are all sleeping now under my desk and content to have me here. I am happy drinking my coffee.

This is my first post. I should be doing invoicing or something productive. But it was a bit cathartic to talk to someone other than the dogs.

Gotta run – Indy just arrived gotta let him out. Hope Alfie doesnt try to pee on him too.