Dog Names

So you often wonder about the connection between our personalities and how we name our pets…..

Let’s take Cisco Jr. for moment. We assume there was a Cisco Sr. and there was. (picture is Cisco Sr.)How could we name our dog the same name twice you ask?

Well, before we continue I must tell you every pet I had as a child was named Barnaby NO — not after Barnaby Jones but after Barnaby the clerk in Hello Dolly….don’t even ask….I was young and impressionable and loved Barbara Streisand.

I digress. So after hours of coming up with a name for Cisco Jr while we were driving back from the SPCA in Hamilton with her…..Emily said since it was her dog she would make the decision in the morning between I think it was snickers and sparky.

We were all still dealing with the grief of loosing Cisco Sr. Something I will leave to another blog in its entirety. But ultimately she had always been MY dog. This new dog would be our first family dog. It felt right when we saw her. She looked like a baby cisco. It felt almost Fateful…. Same colouring I almost get choked up thinking about her to this day.

It had barely been a month since she died. Steve and Emily had been in Florida when I suddenly had to make the decision for Cisco Sr. to cross over that Rainbow Bridge.

I digress again…SO….Emily woke up the next morning and said: “MOM — I want to name her Cisco – it just feels RIGHT”. She said this with such conviction for a 6yr old. Everyone thought we were crazy but they didn’t know I had many Barnabys in my time and I knew just how Emily felt.

AND it did feel JUST RIGHT. Baby Cisco Jr. was born and she helps to keep Senior’s memory alive for us in a small way but she has her own personality and we have our own history with her.

Oh BTW – Cisco is after “cisco the kid” not Cisco systems….although I did make a small fortune back in the day when NASDAQ was hot my first stock bought was Cisco because of cisco in 1995. So maybe not such a savvy investor but I got lucky and bought my first house.