What is it about snow that the dogs find to be so exhilarating. My daughter Em has been begging for snow for weeks now. We have this amazing hill in the backyard that is surprisingly fun to Toboggan on. I even went out to buy brand new toboggans at Cdn tire just so she could have more fun with her friends. Okay…so what happened you ask?

The snow melted.

Last night was the first hint of snow in forever. Now having grown up in Winnipeg this concept of winter without snow is just too much to fathom.

Tessa the black lab with endless energy was chasing our Cisco junior on the hill and Cisco came rolling down the hill ……no damage just a bit shaken.

Em is praying there is enough coverage for even one run. Steve is now assuring me he will turn the hose on and create a LUGE in the yard. Of course that may increase her chances of hitting the house and breaking a bone or two. Thanks hon….but no thanks. I don’t really want any liability issues with our daughter’s friends.