Sunday – A Day of Peace

Sunday – a day of peace, to reflect, to relax and enjoy family. However in this case I am talking about SUNDAY the dog. A wonderful golden retriever a dog that fit her name in that she was a joy to her family and wonderful way to relax and enjoy your day with. A dog who gives unconditional love and now Sunday is at Peace.

After more than 20 years I was bound to have dogs pass away and cross over the “rainbow bridge” and I get affected by the loss personally. It never ceases to amaze me how these creatures chip their way into my heart with their quirky personalities and charm.

I personally cared for Sunday when she was diagnosed with cancer about 1 year ago. Her lovely parents had commitments in Pakistan and needed me to care for her. It was always bittersweet. Seeing her enjoy her bone, a lazy walk in the park, an excited tail wag going for a drive in the car. Never knowing when she would turn. And she did many months later and the decision was made for her.

Even at the end she gave her love to all of us. She meant so much to me – I can only imagine the void in the hearts of her parents.

I feel thankful to have know her and so many of my canine friends. I miss so many…
Cory, Taiga, Sonoma, Honey, Brendan, Winnie and Perkins, Sherlock, Mac, Georgie, Britain, Sammy, Chester, Max, barkley, Jasmin, hudson, sadly the list is long – too long to continue and actually quite painful.