Take the rest of the weekend off!!

The title of this blog resonates with me to this day……it really is a constant battle for me to take any time off but this statement was made to me at around 10pm on a Sunday night by one of my most favourite yet demanding clients.

After a plenitude of problems that Sunday – not being able to return his dog to his home. A workman had double bolted the door and this wonderful client wanted his dog back even though it was very late — but finally he said to me……..Aviva – you should just take the rest of the weekend off. I know he was being humorous and we do have constant banter….which is why I like him so much. But there was a lot of truth in what he said.

I suppose that is why we have been successful. I generally put the needs of the clients before my own and work 24/7.

This does take its toll on me and my family – well mostly my family because I actually thrive on the work and resolving the issues as they arise. Shhh don’t tell!!

Often things like grocery shopping gets forgotten — nothing that a restaurant can’t fix.

I don’t see anything changing. This is my life and I like it just the way it is.

I was told by my doctor(overactive bladder – so I pee a lot….oh well) that I need to find something to relieve the stress in my life. I like the stress in my life. It keeps me sharp – keeps me hopping and apparently keeps me peeing often.

My husband told me I need a hobby and that would be a stress reliever. I will save that for another rant…..