Cristyn B. Mother of Olive

Big thanks to the Barking Along team for taking such good care of our cat. We used the cat sitting service for almost a week while visiting family in another province. When we arrived home, there were detailed notes about what our kitty did during the visits, and she was relaxed and happy. We were sent pictures via email during our trip so that we were feeling as calm as our well taken care of fur baby. The service was very reasonably priced and easy to book. Our service included a consultation, which gave us the opportunity to provide lots of details about our pet’s specific needs- all of which were taken care of to the letter. Our home was in perfect order when we got back, especially our laundry area where the litter is kept. This is the first time I have used a pet sitting service, and it was a great experience.

Phyllis E. Mother of Tessa

I had never been a dog owner and never really wanted to be. I was more a cat person and we already had two fat cats named Billy and Jasmine. In a weak moment 5 years ago a friend had a black lab puppy who needed a home and for some unknown reason I said ok. Well it wasn’t ok. Sleepless nights, round the clock care I felt like I had a new baby – and I did. Fluctuating between the “I can’t do this” and “oh she’s so cute but just shoot me” I was referred to Barking Along because apparently ‘they could help’. The first time Lili came to my home my daughter and I were not prepared. She was like the dog whisperer and within minutes our crazy lab puppy was actually listening to her commands. I knew in that moment that it wasn’t Tessa who had the problem, it was me!! Lili took over and taught me how to handle Tess and soon Barking Along lead by my dear friend and forrmidable woman Aviva became like a true second family for all of us. Tess loved her walks, they calmed her down, they calmed me down and our lives found a new normal. Other than eating my dining room table, several shoes and ripping hats to shreds Tessa has been a dream dog I can honestly say it was because of the care, expertise and real love Aviva, Lili and their walkers Brett and Andrea have shown our family and especially Tessa we made it through. It’s been 5 years and we can’t imagine life without Barking Along (or Tess for that matter)

Beth R. – Mother of Finn

Our pets are part of our family and there is no one better than Barking Along to take fabulous care of your pet. They have cared for my golden retriever since he was a puppy (now 5 years old) and love him as if he is their own. To be able to travel and board your pet in the comfort of a home instead of a kennel is priceless. My dog loves it at his “second home” .

At the end of every day I am welcomed by a happy, well socialized dog who has enjoyed a day outside with his friends and miraculously, my house is still clean! In all kinds of weather, the dog walkers not only take amazing care of the dogs but they ensure that you don’t come home to a muddy house. You can’t put a price on that kind of professionalism. I gave this 5 stars because I wouldn’t trust my dog to anyone else but Barking Along.

Stephanie B. – Mother of Shakespeare and Destiny

I have used Barking Along Pet Services (boarding and walking) for eight years and I have only experienced the best of service. All their walkers love the dogs as their own. They not only offer excellent and reliable service but they provide experienced guidance on difficult questions regarding the care of my Bernese Mountain Dogs. They are also there in a pinch if a crisis happens. Their services have made it possible as a working professional to enjoy my dogs and know that when I’m not available to tend to their needs Barking Along is. They are an owner’s and dog’s best friend!

Laurie L. – Mother of Cleo

I have been associated with Barking Along through three dogs, now, and I am so glad. They are reliable, organized and always accessible. They truly love dogs, moreover they love my dogs! I have boarded with them and used them to check my house while I am out of town, in order to satisfy the terms of the insurance policy. I have come to regard Aviva and Lili as good friends. Don’t know how I would manage without Barking Along. Do not hesitate to give them a call.

Aphra T. – Mother of Tugboat

Barking Along is absolutely fabulous! We have had our dog walked by them for almost a year and they are so sweet to our little pup. In our case, our house burnt down in the summer (pup was ok) and so we were constantly on the move between our old house, a short term rental and then a long term rental & they had no trouble accommodating us. Plus we have put our pup in for overnight stays a few times and that always works well also.
The whole team at Barking Along loves dogs and it shows. Whenever Andrea or Sula or Paul comes to the door, Tugboat is ready and eager to leave. It’s obvious that he loves his time with them too!

Stephen B. – Father of Copper

Our dog Copper has been staying at Barking Along for the past four years. We leave Copper there at least one day every week, and for 1-2 weeks at a time whenever we take vacations (3 or 4 times a year). Aviva (and Angel!) treats Copper as if he were her own much-loved dog, and it shows–Copper absolutely loves Barking Along. When we drop him off, he never looks back and simply runs inside to see all of his friends. This is wonderful for us, because we travel a lot, and never have to worry whether Copper is okay. He always come back super happy, and clearly feels that Barking Along is his second home. Thank you Barking Along!

Mona P. – Mother of Macy and Bentley

I have used Barking Along many times in the past for boarding and most recently for daily walks. Both of my dogs enjoy the walks and each are treated as an individual as one is quite the senoir and other a puppy. The staff is prompt for all the walks and I know if I didn’t have time to take them for a long walk in the morning they would be getting great exercise later in the day. I don’t know what we would do without Aviva and her crew.

Sandra W. – Mother of JJ and Spunky

We first met Aviva at Barking Along when we were looking for someone to mind our two senior cats while we were on holiday. Previous cat sitters had come and gone with the wind. Barking Along seemed to be serious about the business and we were looking for a long term relationship. We went off on our holiday and within a day there was a problem with the house (not the cats). Aviva tracked us down and looked after what needed to be fixed here in Toronto while we were away. That was 1998. Since then we have relied on and trusted Barking Along to look after our cats, help us train and walk our first puppy, and most recently, our dog JJ goes to “doggy school” every business day at Aviva’s house where he plays all day with his friends, AND gets to go to the park, He comes home clean and happy every day. Barking Along has always been there to help us with our pets, often at the last moment, which makes it possible for us to have a dog. But best of all, the dogs have always been so happy to see the Barking Along people, or to go to their homes, that it is never hard to leave them or have to worry about them.

Marcia H. – Mother of Sam

Barking Along takes care of my dog SAM everyday. I feel confident when I go to work that Sam will have a great time walking at Sunnybrook with her buddies. Their team always helps out when I need that extra dinner walk and even weekend help.

Thanks for also being Sam’s home away from home when we go on holidays.

You give us peace of mind each and every day!!