Aviva Chepurny – Reflections

Barking Along - Pet Sitting - LetterI can hardly believe it’s been more than 20 years since I first opened the doors of Barking Along. It seems like yesterday I was walking and caring for 10 dogs, by myself – a small entrepreneur with a big dream. With over 200 dogs and expertly trained staff, we have grown Barking Along to the largest and most respected service in its field.

We are committed to you and your pet and proudly qualify ourselves as professional dog walkers and pet sitters. Our staff experiences an extensive training program in order to serve you and your pets diverse and very personal needs. Our walkers are committed and adhere to the Barking Along Standard of Excellence. They are well versed in park visits, on and off leash protocols, private and group walks, home visits, boarding, socialization, exercise, and canine conflict resolution. We adhere to the highest standards of safety with emergency pet care first aid taught by our licensed veterinarian.

At Barking Along, we ensure that all our dogs are up to date on their vaccinations and insist that our clients maintain a flea protection program. We are committed to maintaining a strong and healthy ‘family’ of dogs in our roster and treat each animal with individual care. It is also mandatory that our clients license their animals with the city and that each dog is neutered at the appropriate age. Barking Along tags are provided as an additional safety measure. They have proven to be an invaluable advantage in the event your pet requires identification. We have received calls as far away as Berverly Hills, California and we are proud to have reconnected an owner and their pet with our Barking Along identification tag.

Our walkers all drive ‘pet friendly’ vehicles to ensure comfort and safety for your dog. We are also committed to keeping our parks and streets clean and guarantee our team continually ‘cleans up’ during our scheduled walks.

Barking Along is a registered business and maintains liability insurance. All of our professional walkers are fully bonded. Bonding ensures the quality of our walkers and provides long-term commitment to our valued clients and their pets.

I have been proudly watching our business and this industry grow exponentially since starting out 20 years ago. More and more individuals and families have become proud dog and pet owners. Our services at Barking Along are not only unique, professional and personal but are affordable. We know as pet owners you want your “beloved’ animals to have a good quality of life which they often equate with a midday break and romp in the park or a home visit and around the block!

We have an excellent reputation amongst the dog walkers, veterinarians and a solid relationship with managers at Parks and Recreation. We respect the role of Animal Control and abide by their rules and bylaws.

Whether your needs are group or private walking, home visits, boarding, day care, or advice……..

We are, in my opinion, doing things right.

Aviva Chepurny