CANCELLATION OF SERVICES (Walks, Boarding, Visits, etc.)
  • 24 hours notice is required to cancel any scheduled service and should be made by phone. LESS THAN the 24 hour notice will be billed in full for the missed service.
  • Email cancellations are only acceptable if you are cancelling a scheduled service greater than 1 day away. Barking Along must confirm receipt of email and/or phone message for cancellation to be valid.
  • NOTES left for dog walkers do not count as cancellation notice. The office must be informed.
  • If we show up at your home in the scheduled window of arrival and your pet is not there you will be charged in full for the service.
  • If the dog walker/pet sitter cannot enter your home if your key does not work or alarm codes changed without our office being informed, you are still responsible to pay for the service.

Walks may be shortened to 20 min or less in extreme weather. In the most extreme case for a service cancellation you will be notified by phone.


All dog must be wearing a Toronto Dog License at all times on their collar. Animal control has issued a new policy that they will fine owners for both no visible tags and/or no license.

  • Payment for walking is due on the last day of each month.
  • Cheques should be made payable to Barking Along.
  • We also accept Interac email money transfers. We provide invoices only by special request.
  • NSF cheques will be charged a $25 administration fee.

Booking will not be confirmed until the following conditions have been met.

  • Christmas and March Break Peak boarding – Minimum 7 day booking/charge
  • Long Weekends – Minimum 4 day booking/charge
  • Regular Weekends – Minimum 2 day booking/charge

Deposit policy for Long weekends and any Peak Periods assigned as such by Barking Along is:
1 month prior to departure Barking Along must receive a non-refundable payment in full.

Exception: Christmas Payments are due November 1st / March Break Payments are due February 1st

Christmas/March Break

Please note that if there are extenuating circumstances we will evaluate each situation separately as to whether or not there might be a partial refund up to December 1st and March 1st respectively.

Listed rates do not apply for holidays and peak periods….confirm with the office.

Puppy boarding rate apply to all puppies under 12 months.


Please note that there are no scheduled dog walking services on Statutory Holidays.
You can make special requests for walks on Stats – There is a $11 surcharge + HST per walk for this service and we do reserve the right to refuse service on these days at our discretion.
Cat visits are regularly scheduled on Stats but also have the surcharge in place.
Boarding Delivery and/or Pickup of your pets on Statutory Holidays, Sundays and after regular business hours is only available at the discretion of the individual petsitter. You will still be charged to the following day accordingly.