Aviva – Founder & Pack Leader Home-Style Boarder & Doggy Daycare

Aviva - Barking Along Pet CareMy name is Aviva.
President and Founder

My background – Masters Business Administration, and my many
roles in senior executive level positions, may have given me an edge administratively but it is my love
for animals that has kept us fresh and dedicated to this oddball profession of dog walking and pet sitting.

It has always been my goal to provide a service that really makes a difference in the lives of my clients. Every Client mean both the pets and their owners. I know I give the pets a quality of life that they may otherwise not have. Great walks and socialization in the park when their parents are at work, and comfy couches and beds when their parents are out of town. That certainly beats ten hours alone on a work day or a 6 foot kennel for a week.

Our pet’s Parents (as they like to be referred) know that we are there for their pets when they can not be there. That gives them peace of mind. We have been there from as early as the first day the new puppy comes home, to the very end, where we have shared the last day with the pet we have grown so fond of over the years.

I feel so lucky to wake up in the morning after almost 20 years and be excited about my day and the work that I do. I have a wonderful husband who loves the dogs almost as much as I do. He would have to since they generally take up more of the bed than he does. My lovely daughter Emily is almost eleven years old and her first words of course included many of the dogs that board or come for daycare. It is such a pleasure to watch a toddler experience pets for the first time.

I look forward to many more years with Barking Along playing a very central role in my life. FYI, our cottage in The Muskokas is is another location where we have the dogs come up to Barking Along Camp .