Diana – Dog Walker, Home-Style Boarder, Cat Specialist

Diana - Dog Walker, Cat SpecialistA former competitive figure skater in singles and dance Diana always had an artistic flare for show biz. In addition to amateur competitions, Diana competed at the World Professional Championships in Spain for 5 years in singles and dance. Later she served as Canadian Team Manager/Leader and Judge for the World Professional Championships in Spain, and the Miko Pro Competition in Paris. In a natural progression, Diana made a seamless transition from a competitor to a show performer, launching her professional career with Canadian touring company “New Ice Generation” as a principle soloist and later with CTV-CFTO television studios “Stars on Ice”, which lasted for 6 seasons. At ease working in different media, Diana’s versatility landed her in numerous television appearances such as the Toller Cranston “Dream Weaver”, “Strawberry Ice” and “Magic Planets”. Diana was also part of the cast in Robin Cousins’ “The Nutcracker Suite Ballet” and Dorothy Hamils’ “Singing in the Rain”.

Diana - Dog Walker, Cat SpecialistAfter 10 years working in the business world as Event and Sport Marketing Consultant/Manager Diana now finds pleasure surrounded by the animals she adores. At home, her newly adopted Golden Retriever Sherlock keeps her and her three cats Blade, Toepick and Peaches very busy. Being a volunteer foster mom for Golden Retriever Rescue keeps a steady stream of “Goldens” coming through her door.

Amidst all of this Diana still actively keeps up her 32 year coaching career at both the Leaside Figure Skating Club and the Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club.