Lili – Dog Walker, Home-Style Boarder & Doggy Daycare

Lili - Barking Along Pet CareMy name is Lili.
Business Partner

I was not involved in the business initially except that Aviva & I happened to be roommates and Sisters. It became apparent that I was a lot more involved with the business than I thought. As it grew, Aviva depended on me to help out walking the dogs, helping with the boarders and of course doing the cat visits. (sisters do help each other out) It has been an exciting journey watching our business grow and we have not looked back.

Lili - Barking Along Pet CareI train all the walkers and scout all the parks. Being a marathon runner I get around the parks quite easily, I make sure to know every Barking Along dog and monitor the new dog’s behaviour. The dogs have become our family and the “parents” have become our friends. We look forward to expanding our family circle over and over again.

Lili - Barking Along Pet CareI cannot forget my kittens. Cats and I have a special bond. If I could do all the cat visits myself I would. Thankfully, I have many helpers with our feline friends. I already seem to be referred to by everyone as “THE CAT LADY”.

Lili - Barking Along Pet CareMy husband Mark met me just before we started Barking Along and has been a strong supporter of our business especially taking out the boarding dogs late in the evening so I can get to bed early. My two fabulous (now teenagers) Jake and Dylan are especially helpful having grown up in this business. It is wonderful to see them have such a great appreciation of animals.