Paul – Dog Walker

I have been part of the Barking Along team for since 1995. Many of you only know me as the person your dog loves almost more than you. I have been really fortunate to have had this opportunity to spend so much time to enjoy our many parks and natural forests while watching the many escapades of my dogs in their “play groups”.

My wife Sara grew up in a family that raised Bouviers and Standard Poodles. She loves the dogs when they stay with us for boarding. However, it is our two boys Sam and Joe that are always anxious to find out which dogs will be coming to visit them and their Yorkie — Angus for overnights.

Paul is also a very accomplished musician – lead singer and writer for Paul Reddick and The Sidemen. He is known for his harmonica. He has won numerous awards for Jazz and Blues and has been nominated for Junos on at least twice.