Sula – Dog Walker, Home-Style Boarder

My name is SULA and I am a proud member of the
“Barking Along” team since 2006!!

Prior to Barking Along, I was servicing our community as a Bell Technician, for a number of years. Whether, rain, sleet or snow, we were always on the go. My job hasn’t changed that much but the people sure have. Aviva is one of the greatest person I have met or have worked under. I have been made to feel a part of the family.

I look forward to Mondays, spending my days outside with my four legged friends. I think I have more four legged friends than I do two legged ones.

When, I’m not walking / playing with my group of dogs, I’m at home playing with my own dogs Jet a German Sheppard and our two puppy Chihuahuas Hazel and Oliver.

My hobbies are volleyball, baseball and Tennis. I also do catering on the side for all of my friend’s parties.

I’m very glad to be apart of the Barking Along family, and look forward to many more years spent with my furry friends.