Sandra W. – Mother of JJ and Spunky

We first met Aviva at Barking Along when we were looking for someone to mind our two senior cats while we were on holiday. Previous cat sitters had come and gone with the wind. Barking Along seemed to be serious about the business and we were looking for a long term relationship. We went off on our holiday and within a day there was a problem with the house (not the cats). Aviva tracked us down and looked after what needed to be fixed here in Toronto while we were away. That was 1998. Since then we have relied on and trusted Barking Along to look after our cats, help us train and walk our first puppy, and most recently, our dog JJ goes to “doggy school” every business day at Aviva’s house where he plays all day with his friends, AND gets to go to the park, He comes home clean and happy every day. Barking Along has always been there to help us with our pets, often at the last moment, which makes it possible for us to have a dog. But best of all, the dogs have always been so happy to see the Barking Along people, or to go to their homes, that it is never hard to leave them or have to worry about them.