Phyllis E. Mother of Tessa

I had never been a dog owner and never really wanted to be. I was more a cat person and we already had two fat cats named Billy and Jasmine. In a weak moment 5 years ago a friend had a black lab puppy who needed a home and for some unknown reason I said ok. Well it wasn’t ok. Sleepless nights, round the clock care I felt like I had a new baby – and I did. Fluctuating between the “I can’t do this” and “oh she’s so cute but just shoot me” I was referred to Barking Along because apparently ‘they could help’. The first time Lili came to my home my daughter and I were not prepared. She was like the dog whisperer and within minutes our crazy lab puppy was actually listening to her commands. I knew in that moment that it wasn’t Tessa who had the problem, it was me!! Lili took over and taught me how to handle Tess and soon Barking Along lead by my dear friend and forrmidable woman Aviva became like a true second family for all of us. Tess loved her walks, they calmed her down, they calmed me down and our lives found a new normal. Other than eating my dining room table, several shoes and ripping hats to shreds Tessa has been a dream dog I can honestly say it was because of the care, expertise and real love Aviva, Lili and their walkers Brett and Andrea have shown our family and especially Tessa we made it through. It’s been 5 years and we can’t imagine life without Barking Along (or Tess for that matter)